Well, if our new sexy website is not reason enough, what else could we possibly say?


We offer a few points to consider as you decide where to spend your hard-earned rugby dollars...

- We have a sense of humor, and it shows... in our designs, our phone calls, our helpful tourney staff; we can and will make you laugh.

- Our prices are compelling and we have always believed in offering value by combining durability with low cost options.

- We innovate. We were the guys selling those crazy poly jerseys, well before the rest. And we continue to push ahead. Ask for a team design sheet and watch us spin your head, in a good way.

- We give back- sponsoring over a hundred rugby teams, donating to charity, appearing in countless team programs, basically giving when we are asked.

- We are not a corporate bohemoth, so if you seek that, try another. We think being agile, customer- centered and progressively supportive of rugby counts for a lot.

- We never rip you off, take your deposit, disappear, or pull out of your tournament. The stories of "shady" rugby suppliers abound these days. Sad.  Stick with a known company; it pays off.

- We have graced a tournament near you... we show up and show off. In other words, we get out to the pitch and support teams hosting events... we are not a fulfillment warehouse, so far, far from it. And happily, we have saved dozens of tourneys where the "other guys" bailed.

- We have and STILL do: play, referee, coach [sometimes], advise, watch, cheer and care about RUGBY.


Your sport is our sport and we are here for you, since before the sinbin, and well after!