How about this slice of mid 60s rugby news?

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 Soon after I first broke my neck in a poorly formed scrum, and it became apparent that I would use a wheelchair for mobility,
several of my friends suggested that I would soon be playing wheelchair basketball. What they didn't account for was the inability
to shoot the ball as a C 5-6 quad. I did become excited when a Rec Therapist made me aware of young sport called quad rugby, a team
sport designed by and for athletes with upper body disabilities. Over the next several years, quad rugby teams sprouted up over the
east coast and several life changes finally allowed me to play for the Magee Rebels, Philadelphia's quad rugby team. As a player,
I love quad rugby because it's fast, exciting and forces quick decisions; elements that any team sport should be about. The physical
benefits of getting into condition and playing a team sport are obvious. The conditioning and strength gained from playing support you
in all elements of your life. Other benefits are more subtle. For somebody like me who has always played team sports, there's nothing
like being part of a team again.

Quad rugby is played by two teams of four on a gym floor with a volleyball. While at first glance it looks like little more than bumper
cars, study of the game reveals that the players have clearly defined roles within the offensive and defensive strategies. The object is
to score by carrying the ball across the end line between two cones. The ball must be bounced or passed every ten seconds and a team must
be out of the back court in 15 seconds. Chair to chair contact is allowed, and in fact, encouraged. Contact behind the axle that spins a
player is a penalty and results in one minute in the sin bin. Anyone who can push a manual wheelchair can and will play because the sport's
classification system requires a balance of ability levels on the floor at any time. While the sport is not based upon rugby football, players
of either code who watch the other recognize that both sport! s share the same intensity. The quad rugby season runs from October through April.

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US Rugby... back in the day

2/21/11 7:14 AM

Old school 1998 USA article- fun to read and reminisce!

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